Onboarding Employee Survey

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2016 05:11PM AEST
Our Onboarding Experience Survey gives you insights into an employee’s onboarding experience at
your company.

These surveys are designed to be delivered at regular intervals during the first 3 months of
employment, to track a new hire’s sentiment over this time, as well as gauging a sense of their
overall experience.

An employee’s onboarding is often full of ups and downs. The Onboarding Experience Survey allows
you to see how successfully your employee has settled into the team at key moments of the
experience. This will help you pinpoint their progression from a new hire to a fully onboarded and
contributing employee. The regular evaluations have the added benefit of increasing employee
engagement with the company.

This survey provides employees a chance to describe upon any moment of discomfort they felt
during the experience. This can reveal how to improve onboarding for future employees. It also
provides a fun questions to help employees open up and show more of their personality to the
team. Upon the conclusion of the onboarding experience, the survey encourages employees to
think about the overall success of the onboarding experience, and their future in the company.

To get started, view and download the REFFIND Onboarding Experience Survey template now!
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